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Trekstor Surftab Usb Driver Zip EXCLUSIVE

you will require an android phone with android version 5.0 and up to flash the trekstor surftab xiron 10.1 with treestor usb drivers on your windows computer to connect your trekstor surftab xiron 10.1 with your computer.

trekstor surftab usb driver zip


trekstor usb drivers are essential for trekstor surftab xiron 10.1 to connect trekstor surftab xiron 10.1 to a computer or laptop via usb cable. in case youre looking for a trekstor surftab xiron 10.1 usb driver for windows 11, windows 10, windows 7, windows 8.1, and windows 8, then we have got you covered. we have shared the official usb driver for trekstor surftab xiron 10.1 along with the adb interface drivers and fastboot drivers on this page.

many thanks for informing me about this and i have installed another device. i have just been informed that its not the fault of the usb device driver! it was as i suspected. i went in to the registry and checked the orientation key on the good one which was 01 01 01 01 00 00 02 to the faulty one, so now both have identical drivers and identical registry entries but the problem still exists (lol! or aaarg!!!)

i also discovered that the asuswrt-merlinfw.tar firmware was incorrect so whilst i applied that this has solved the issue. but i have installed another device so i will report back when i try it again.

its interesting that none of the devices with the faulty orientation key have a problem and the one working one is faulty. both the 1st devices have the exact same firmware. so i will continue to follow this thread in search of a fix.


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