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La Câlin: The Ultimate Relaxing Music for an Hour

La Calin: A Song That Touches Your Soul

If you are looking for a song that can make you feel calm, happy, and loved, you should listen to La Calin by Serhat Durmus. This song is a beautiful fusion of Turkish and Ukrainian music, with a catchy melody and a heartfelt message. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about La Calin, from its meaning and origin to its popularity and impact. We will also give you some tips on how to enjoy this song in different ways. By the end of this article, you will understand why La Calin is a song that touches your soul.

la calin

What does La Calin mean?

La Calin is a French word that means "the cuddle" or "the hug". It is also the name of a song by Serhat Durmus, a Turkish DJ and producer. The song is based on a sample from another song called Obijmy (Hug) by Okean Elzy, a Ukrainian rock band. The lyrics of La Calin are in Ukrainian, and they are very simple and sweet. They say:

Обійми мене, обійми мене, обійми

Так лагідно і не пускай

Обійми мене, обійми мене, обійми

Твоя весна прийде нехай

In English, they translate to:

Hug me, hug me, hug

So gentle and don't let go

Hug me, hug me, hug

Your spring will come

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The song expresses the desire to be close to someone you love, to feel their warmth and comfort, and to hope for a better future together.

The origin and history of La Calin

La Calin was released in 2017 by Serhat Durmus, who is known for his fusion of Turkish and electronic music. He was inspired by the song Obijmy by Okean Elzy, which was released in 2013 as part of their album Zemlya (Earth). Okean Elzy is one of the most popular rock bands in Ukraine, and their songs often reflect the social and political issues of their country. Obijmy was written by the lead singer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, who is also a politician and an activist. The song was dedicated to the people who died during the Euromaidan protests in 2014, which led to the ousting of the former president Viktor Yanukovych.

Serhat Durmus decided to use a sample from Obijmy in his song La Calin, because he liked the melody and the emotion of the original song. He also added some Turkish elements to his version, such as the ney (a flute) and the bağlama (a string instrument). He said that he wanted to create a song that could connect people from different cultures and backgrounds.

The lyrics and translation of La Calin

As we mentioned before, the lyrics of La Calin are in Ukrainian, and they are very simple and sweet. They say:

Обійми мене, обійми мене, обійми

The popularity and impact of La Calin

La Calin became a viral hit on the internet, especially on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. The song has over 300 million views on YouTube, and it has been used in countless videos, memes, and stories. Many people have praised the song for its soothing and catchy sound, as well as its emotional and meaningful message. Some people have also said that the song helped them cope with stress, loneliness, or sadness.

La Calin has also reached a global audience, as it has been featured in various media and events. For example, the song was used in the soundtrack of the 2019 movie Legend, starring Tom Hardy. The movie is a biographical crime thriller about the notorious gangsters Reggie and Ronnie Kray, who ruled London in the 1960s. The song was also played at the opening ceremony of the 2019 European Games in Minsk, Belarus. The song was chosen as a symbol of peace and unity among the participating countries.

How to enjoy La Calin in different ways

If you love La Calin and want to enjoy it in different ways, here are some suggestions for you:

Listen to the original version by Serhat Durmus

The original version of La Calin by Serhat Durmus is available on various streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and SoundCloud. You can listen to it anytime and anywhere, and feel the magic of this song. You can also sing along with the lyrics, or learn some Ukrainian words from them.

Watch the music video or the movie Legend

If you want to see some visuals that match the mood of La Calin, you can watch the official music video by Serhat Durmus on YouTube. The video shows a couple dancing in a dark and smoky room, while the song plays in the background. The video has a mysterious and romantic vibe, and it captures the essence of La Calin.

You can also watch the movie Legend, which features La Calin in its soundtrack. The movie is a gripping and gritty story about the rise and fall of the Kray twins, who were infamous for their violence and charisma. The movie stars Tom Hardy in a dual role as both Reggie and Ronnie Kray, and it showcases his impressive acting skills. The movie also has a stellar cast of supporting actors, such as Emily Browning, David Thewlis, Christopher Eccleston, and Chazz Palminteri. The movie is rated R for strong violence, language throughout, some sexual and drug material.

Explore the remixes and covers of La Calin

If you want to hear some variations of La Calin, you can explore the remixes and covers of this song by other artists. There are many remixes and covers of La Calin on YouTube, SoundCloud, and other platforms. Some of them are more upbeat and energetic, while others are more mellow and chill. Some of them also add some vocals or rap to the song, or change the language or style of the song. You can find some examples of remixes and covers of La Calin below:

  • : This is a remix by Serhat Durmus himself, featuring vocals by Zerrin. The vocals are in English and Turkish, and they add some lyrics to the original song. The remix has a more pop and dance feel to it.

  • : This is a remix by Dabro, a Russian DJ duo. The remix has a more trap and bass sound to it, and it adds some vocal chops and effects to the original song. The remix has a more intense and powerful vibe to it.

  • : This is a cover by Alina Eremia, a Romanian singer and actress. The cover is in Romanian, and it changes some of the lyrics to suit the language. The cover has a more acoustic and soft sound to it.

Use La Calin as a background music or a ringtone

If you want to have La Calin as a part of your daily life, you can use it as a background music or a ringtone. You can play La Calin while you are working, studying, relaxing, or sleeping, and let it fill your space with its soothing and calming sound. You can also set La Calin as your ringtone, and let it greet you every time someone calls you. You can download La Calin as a background music or a ringtone from various websites, such as Zedge, Audiko, or Ringtone Maker.

Why you should listen to La Calin right now

Now that you know more about La Calin, you might be wondering why you should listen to it right now. Well, here are some reasons why La Calin is a song that you need in your life:

La Calin is a relaxing and soothing song

One of the main reasons why people love La Calin is because it is a relaxing and soothing song. The song has a slow and smooth tempo, a soft and gentle melody, and a warm and cozy atmosphere. The song can help you reduce stress, anxiety, or tension, and make you feel more calm and peaceful. The song can also help you fall asleep faster and sleep better, as it can create a comfortable and tranquil environment for your mind and body.

La Calin is a romantic and emotional song

Another reason why people love La Calin is because it is a romantic and emotional song. The song expresses the feeling of love, affection, and intimacy, and it can make you feel more connected and closer to your partner. The song can also make you feel more sentimental and nostalgic, as it can remind you of your past or present relationships, or your hopes and dreams for the future. The song can also make you cry or smile, depending on your mood and situation.

La Calin is a universal and timeless song

A final reason why people love La Calin is because it is a universal and timeless song. The song transcends the boundaries of language, culture, and genre, and it can appeal to anyone and everyone. The song has a simple and universal message that anyone can relate to and understand: the need for love and comfort. The song also has a tim


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