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Charlie Puth - Light Switch UPDATED

It has irreverent and slightly silly lyrics ("you turn me on like a light switch") and throwback production (think Taylor Swift's more bombastic 1989 sonic flourishes, with the stylings of the 1975). And really, that's the point - the virality of songs on platforms like TikTok has become an essential factor in many recent songs breaking into the mainstream and on to the charts.

Charlie Puth - Light Switch

The musician, who has had hits like One Call Away and How Long, walked around the studio padding different objects, trying to find a unique sound to compliment his idea. It didn't take long before he found a light switch.

On "Light Switch," Charlie Puth sings of a former lover who continues to toy with his emotions. In spite of his better judgment, Puth can't stay away from the toxic relationship, singing, "I say, 'Don't look back'/ But I go right back and / All a sudden, I'm hypnotized / You're the one that I can't deny / Every time that I say I'm gonna walk away / You turn me on like a light switch."

The chorus continues referring to these moments, saying, "You turn me on like a light switch / When you're movin' your body around and around / Now, I don't wanna fight this (No) / You know how to just make me want to."

On Thursday (January 20), Puth released his latest single, which he produced and co-wrote alongside longtime collaborators Jake Torrey and JKash. The song's lyrics detail a frustrating on-again-off-again romance while the clever production even includes the click of a light switch on the chorus.

Puth began teasing "Light Switch," which he described as "the most lighthearted song out of the whole bunch," back in September on TikTok. He filmed himself in real-time producing and recording elements of the song, including the click of an actual light switch. 041b061a72


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