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How To Install Xm360 On Your Jtag Interface PORTABLE

first, the specs for the 12 programming/debugging standards and their meanings for swd and jtag connection information. it is very unlikely that you will ever work with a microcontroller that does not have these specifications.

How To Install Xm360 On Your Jtag Interface

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namedescriptionpins jtag_odt_idl jtag_odt_idle jtag_odt_sof jtag_odt_eof jtag_odt_mbo jtag_odt_reset jtag_otp jtag_otp_data jtag_otp_acc jtag_otp_sygn jtag_otp_dr

the jtag specification is used when debugging microcontrollers that operate on a specific i/o pinout. in order for the jtag to work with the jtag serial port port, there are certain requirements. the avr16 family uses a swd port which is the same as the jtag port.

the jtag specification has two dozen standards that are all written in the same fashion. to prove my point, i will use the specs for the popular avr 8-bit microcontrollers. the definitions of all these standards are available on the avr wiki site and i am not going to list them all. the avr 16 has a very specific pinout for the jtag connector and swd port so for this example we will look at the specs for the avr 8 microcontroller. like the jtag and swd port, the jtag specification defines two sets of standards: one for programming/debugging and a second one for testing.


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