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Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 1.4.1: A Review of the Latest Version of the Co-op Puzzle Game

this is an argument against all kinds of do-gooding. in other words, its simplyits the what im saying is: dont take me too seriously. im pitching a case for the fact that civilization has been a mistake; that it would be much better to leave everything alone. that the wild animals are wiser than we in that theyputting it in our crude and not very exact languagethey just follow their instincts. and if a moth mistakes a flame for the signal on which it gets a mating call and flies into the flame, so what that just keeps the moth population down. and a moth doesnt worry. you know, it doesnt go buzzing around in a state of anxiety, wondering whether this sex call is the real thing or just a flame. it doesnt think consciously about the futureat least, we suppose this is so. maybe it does. but we suppose that it doesnt and, therefore, it isnt troubled. but the species of moths goes on and on and on, and so far as we know its been around for an incredibly long time, and may be even longer than we have. bees, antscreatures of this kindthey have long since escaped from history, so far as we can see. in other words, they live a settled existence which you might consider rather boring because it doesnt have constant change in the way that we do. they live the same rhythm again and again and again, but because they dont bother to remember it consciously it never gets boring. and because they dont bother to predict, theyre never in a state of anxiety. and yet they survive.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 1.4.1

note: requires additional web-enabled device to view or print the bomb defusal manual. manual is freely available at if you can talk to your friends, you can play together! try finding ways to play remotely.note: game is only available in english. 2015-2018 steel crate games, inc. all rights reserved. steel crate games, keep talking and nobody explodes, and the keep talking and nobody explodes logo are all trademarks and/or registered trademarks of steel crate games, inc.


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