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[S2E19] The Internet The Plan

At the Pritchett-Delgados', Jay (Ed O'Neill) is expecting Donnie (Jonathan Banks), his brother, to arrive for a visit. He is preparing a prank involving a picture of his butt. When Donnie arrives the two get into a friendly fight, which foils Jay's plan involving his picture. All day long, Jay continues arranging pranks on his brother over Gloria's (Sofía Vergara) protests. Gloria berates Jay, claiming that Jay and his brother do not really know each other after Jay does not recognize Donnie's granddaughter and does not even know where Donnie lives. Jay tries to get closer to Donnie, but Donnie assumes that his wife Irene had told Jay about Donnie's recent diagnosis with prostate cancer. Donnie accuses Jay of treating him differently because he has cancer, but this news deeply affects Jay, who had not known, and Donnie asks him to keep it a secret.

[S2E19] The Internet The Plan

At her cottage, Fluttershy is ready to "attack the day" with a new, confident attitude. The advice given to her by Iron Will helps her stand up to Mr. Greenhooves when he over-waters her plants and Cherry Berry and Sweetie Drops when they block her path with garbage carts.

In this week's episode of Masterminds in Maintenance, we are excited to have Torbjörn Idhammar, President and CEO of IDCON Inc., on the show! Torbjörn has tons of experience in improving preventive maintenance implementation, especially in fields like steel, oil and gas, and mining. He gives Ryan and our listeners an in-depth look into ways maintenance organizations can improve and create better preventive maintenance programs in a plant or mine! Listen today!

The Upkeep Customer Success Team works like an extension of your team, helping customers hit their maintenance goals by providing useful reliable customer support, help center, a personalized plan to help you grow with UpKeep.

On Earth-Two, Zoom has been keeping Caitlin alive. Why has he been doing this? Zoom explains to her it's because he loves her. Apparently, not everything Zoom did, while deceiving everyone on Earth-One, was a complete ruse. Zoom has true feelings for Caitlin, although he certainly has a funny way of showing it. Above everything else, Zoom will continue to keep Caitlin alive while bringing her to other Earths, which he plans on conquering.

Probably the most frustrating thing about this week's episode, aside from still trying to piece together the "time remnants" explanation from last week, is that the viewer knows nothing more about the man in the mask that Zoom has captive. The camera cuts to him a few times, but there's no new information. With how long this has been sitting out in the open, it's extremely frustrating to have nothing progress for that story.

Later, the group discusses the event in the library. Giles is convinced that Jenny is haunting the school. Willow, Xander, and Buffy disagree with him. On the internet, Willow learns that in 1955, Sunnydale High student James Stanley killed his teacher, Grace Newman, on the eve of the Sadie Hawkins Day dance after she tried to break off their affair. It is revealed that Jenny isn't haunting the school. Willow and Xander feel sorry for both of them. But Buffy is particularly angry at the boy, insisting that while Grace deserves sympathy, James does not. Xander comments that "the quality of mercy is not Buffy."

Willow devises a plan to contain the spirits, and they head off to the school where they prepare, though Giles has already arrived and is trying to summon Jenny's spirit. Buffy hears music coming from the Music Room and goes to see Grace and James dancing there. James' face suddenly changes to a gory mess, startling Buffy. Cordelia looks in the mirror to find her face has become mutilated and red. On the stairwell, Willow begins to sink into the floor, and Giles rushes to save her. Willow finally convinces him that the spirit is not Jenny because she would never do these things. Everyone lights their candle and starts chanting the spell, but the candles blow out and a swarm of wasps enter the school. Everyone rushes out to find the school surrounded by wasps.

Angelus appears in the halls as Buffy, now possessed by James, talks to him as if he were Grace. They continue the ghosts' argument with Angelus possessed by Grace's spirit, the two lovers speaking lines relevant to Buffy and Angel as well as to James and Grace. At the climax, Buffy pulls out a gun and shoots Angelus. He falls off of the balcony as though dead. James (still in Buffy's body) rushes off to the music room where he plans to kill himself. Grace (still in Angelus), is not killed by the bullets due to Angelus' vampire nature. She wakes up and proceeds to the music room just in time to stop "Buffy" from pulling the trigger. Grace tells James she never stopped loving him, that she knows it was an accident that the gun went off, and that it wasn't his fault. She says she loved him with her last breath. They exchange apologies and kiss passionately. The spirits, now able to pass on, leave the bodies of Angel and Buffy, who then break away from the kiss as Angelus realizes what he has been doing. He pushes Buffy aside and rushes off.

In "Wash" (S2E18), Kellerman (Paul Adelstein) buys a Remington 700 sniper rifle with a Choate Ultimate Sniper Stock. In the next episode, "Sweet Caroline" (S2E19), he plans to assassinate the President Caroline Reynolds, but eventually decides not to pull the trigger.

Sue progresses her devious plan and sparks anger in the Glee Club by resuscitating the school newspaper and posting rumours. April suggests Will to join her on Broadway and also suggests he asks the Glee Club to perform songs from Fleetwood Mac's album, Rumours. Things stir up when Finn and Rachel suspect something shifty related to Sam, and Santana still finds it hard to come out.

The episode opens with Brittany's brand new internet talk show, "Fondue For Two." After gossiping with Mercedes and Tina for a few minutes, she apparently outs Santana by saying she is "playing for the other team." Mercedes and Tina look at each other, pleased with the new gossip, and it is presumed they spread the news around quickly. The show is then posted on YouTube, for everyone to see. Then the episode cuts into a scene in the school hallway where Rachel gives Sam chapstick and asks him out for the prom. He awkwardly says that he's not sure he's going, and then says that she isn't his type. Rachel appears a little upset, but gets over it quickly enough.

Terri runs into Sue at The Lima Bean, where Sue is ordering a cup of mocha powder and paying with a euro while given strange looks by the customers nearby. She's "deep under cover" and is dressed like David Bowie. She tells Terri she's resuscitated the school newspaper - The Muckraker - and the publication will now be ignoring facts. They discuss and come up with a plan to destroy Will and the New Directions Glee Club. Terri's goal is to get Will out of the Glee Club and says she has an idea.

Summary from IMDb: "Ted and Marshall have agreed that there will be no strippers at Marshall's bachelor party which they plan on holding in Atlantic City with their friends Stuart and Brad also invited. Barney plans on hiring a stripper anyway. But when Ted tells Barney on the way that they are not going to Atlantic City but to Foxwoods instead (since Ted knew Barney would have a stripper waiting in Atlantic City), Ted thinks he's pulled one over on Barney. In turn, Barney pulls a maneuver which he thinks has outfoxed the fox, although Barney's new plan doesn't come off quite the way he or anyone else quite expects. Meanwhile, Lily is having her bridal shower. Barney talks Robin into buying Lily a vibrator as a gift. When Robin arrives at the shower, she sees that it is not the vibrator type crowd. Feeling embarrassed if anyone at the shower sees what she's bought, Robin does whatever she can throughout the evening to retrieve her gift from the gift table without anyone seeing what she's done or worse seeing the gift itself."

Gumball formulates a desperate and far-fetched plan to convince Daniel Lennard to leave their mom alone. Before they can carry out the plan, Anais says they should cover every detail. In the first part of the plan, Darwin is supposed to call Nicole and trick her into leaving the house. He fails several times and ends up using a payphone and pre-written notes. When Nicole leaves, Gumball sneaks in and accesses her computer, but must constantly rewrite it to fix errors like using dialogue such as "mega-important, dude," signing the email from "Gumball" then "Mom" and writing the wrong subject.

After the trio's planned lunch, they attempt to sneak past their father, who keeps catching them because of the smell of the burritos' sauce they had. They eventually have to eat their lunch without the sauce and rush to the park where they have planned to meet Daniel Lennard. It takes five hours for Anais to make it to the park (due to her small legs), but Gumball had planned ahead and told Daniel Lennard to meet them at a delayed time. Although Darwin is convinced the gate to the park is locked (and puts Gumball through the trouble of climbing over), it is actually open, and the trio go inside.

When they meet Daniel Lennard (an imagined version), he is surprisingly aware that they were tricking him. Chasing Darwin and Anais, Darwin asks how he knew their plan, he says that they put "Fake Email to Daniel Lennard" in the subject line of the email. Gumball, to his annoyance, sends himself back in time in the plan to convince himself to correct the subject line. The past Gumball refuses, though, and begins to beat himself up to harm the future Gumball.

When Gumball finally rewrites the past, they carry out their plan, Gumball having to repeatedly go back in time to dodge attacks by Daniel Lennard. Finally, Gumball resists a taser attack by Daniel Lennard and declares their plan foolproof. They return to the real world from their plan, only to barely get anywhere before discovering a billboard advertising "Daniel Lennard Anti-Aging Products," revealing Lennard to be nothing more than a cosmetics product. 041b061a72


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