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Jameson Lee

New Dynamo Studio 2019

the new dynamo studio 2019 has a lot of potential for creating new scripts to help build parts of my work. however, i need to learn more about the new features of ds 2019. i see a lot of new ways to script that i have not seen before. please answer the following questions below. 1. is it true that dynamo will automatically turn your script into a *.rjs file? 2. can you use the new scripting language to build components? 3. do you think it would be better to use ds 2019 or 2017? 4. ive seen a lot of people using dynamo, but i dont know how to use it or if it will work for me. thanks for any insight you can offer.

New Dynamo Studio 2019


recently, ive been reading that dynamo will be a very collaborative environment. ive been working with revit for over 10 years, but ive only been using revit 2017 for the last couple years. i also happen to work with a few other programs (matlab, etc.) as well. ive been looking for a collaborative revit script (such as a script that will allow users to select a view and then automatically assign it a detail number) for a couple of years now, but havent had much luck. i know my question is a bit vague, but i wanted to see what you think about the new ds and how it will affect you. is it a good idea to start using ds 2019? thanks.

hello, i have been working with dynamo for a few months now. i have just started to learn about scripting. i am new to dynamo and am trying to develop something that i have in mind. my question is: can i use the new scripting language to build components? i have been reading about it and have seen a lot of examples. i would like to build a component that consists of the following: * a list of views that have a yellow highlight * if a view has a highlight, then the name of that view appears below * when i select a view, the list will be filled with all the views with the highlight is there a way to do this with the new scripting language?


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